Update, 26 March 2020

Update, 26 March 2020

Dear Alexander Park family,

we are experiencing an unprecedented time in the world right now and things have moved very fast over the last week especially. We have done our best to keep you up to date with newsletters and Facebook posts and signs around the club, but the situation has been changing almost daily.

We started the week ensuring that we were doing everything we could to allow the club to operate in a limited capacity within the regulations, for non-organised tennis to continue and for our coaching programme to be viable long term. Thank you to our club manager Clare Salfinger, for all your hard work to try and keep things going in a very difficult situation.

However, if you read our last newsletter that was sent out on Thursday, you will now know that the courts and clubhouse have unfortunately now been closed. At this stage we are unable to tell you when that might change but please be assured that we are as keen as you to have the club operating again. I have received some communication from members who feel that the latest government regulations state that members of the same family can still participate in joint sport, however this decision was not down to us to interpret the rules. This was a directive from the City of Stirling and Tennis West in the best interest of the community and to support the goal of limiting spread of Covid-19. The City of Stirling have now also closed all recreation facilities, community centres, libraries, Hamersley Public Golf Course and all public tennis courts and all tennis clubs within Western Australia fall under these same restrictions.

We have removed all the nets from the club, all the furniture has been moved inside and the clubhouse will remain closed until we receive notice that we can open again. The courts will be maintained but not marked, and we will be verti-mowing them earlier this year. All official planned tournaments have also been postponed until next year.

I am sure that many of you will be extremely disappointed that our clubhouse is out of bounds for the time being, but this virus will continue to have an impact on all our lives until we can get on top of it. As I have said before though, we are more than just a tennis club, we are a valued community hub. The closing of the club will be felt by the impact on people’s social relationships and family leisure time but also will have a significant effect on both our club’s finances and for those that are employed by the club. Now is the time for togetherness and I hope that you will all reach out to support each other, not just now but when we come out the other side of this. Your support and loyalty to the club and each other will ensure that we can all pick ourselves up after this.

The club will continue with our communication on social media and we will be sending out any important updates via our newsletter.We will still be responding to any emails that we receive. We also have sponsors who are still operating in their local businesses so please don’t forget to get in touch if you are in need of their services. All details are on this website.

Looking forward to seeing you all back at Alexander Park as soon as is safe.

Please stay well, stay connected, stay positive and stay tuned.

Warm Regards,
Ceri Wagnell
APTC President

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