Club Championships 2021

When: Saturday and Sunday 20-21st / 27th-28th March

The Alexander Park Club Championships for 2021 is now completed.
Congratulations to all our winners for this year.

  • Mens Open Singles - Alex Downey
  • Womens Open Singles - Shanelle Iaconi
  • Mens O/40 Singles - Jean-Denis Carosin
  • Mens O/65 Singles - Murray Hannan
  • Mens Open Doubles - Alex Downey & Daniel Bentel
  • Womens Open Doubles - Shanelle Iaconi & Sandy Castleden
  • Mens O/40s Doubles - Jean-Denis Carosin and Nick Ognenis
  • Open Mixed Doubles - Shanelle Iaconi & Claude Iaconi

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Congratulations to all players for a great tournament.
Part proceeds to the Kent Yamazaki Bob Brett Foundation


  • Men’s Open Championship Singles
  • Ladies Open Championship Singles
  • Men’s 40 & Over Championship Singles
  • Men’s 65 & Over Championship Singles
  • Men’s Open Championship Doubles
  • Ladies Open Championship Doubles
  • Men’s 40 & Over Championship Doubles
  • Men’s 65 & Over Championship Doubles (cancelled)
  • Open Mixed Doubles (yet to be finalised)

Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry into a Club Championship event will only be accepted from players who are fully financial members (Senior/Junior) of the Club.
  2. Entry limitations. Competitors may only enter one singles event and one doubles event (excludes mixed doubles).
  3. No late entries will be accepted.
  4. All singles events (other than Round Robin draws) will include an automatic entry to a singles consolation event for first match losers.
  5. Fees MUST be paid before your first match – NO PAY NO PLAY
  6. Scheduling: Matches will be scheduled from 11.00 pm on each day of the tournament. Players may be required to play three matches on any one day.
  7. Exemptions will only be considered if advised on or prior to the closing date Friday 12 March 2021.
  8. Draws and results will be published on the internet at the Tennis Australia site
  9. Age Restrictions: Competitors in the 40 & 65 and over events must be of the specified age as at 30 April 2020. Proof of age must be shown on request.
  10. Match Formats: • Singles events: best of 2 tiebreaker sets with a match tie break to be played if one set all. • Doubles events: best of two tie break sets with a match tie break to be played if one set all. No advantage scoring. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to shorten or lengthen matches.
  11. Finals: All finals will be scheduled for Sunday 28th March.
  12. On court warm up shall be restricted to 5 minutes prior to the start of a match.
  13. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to split, cancel or combine events and to relocate players to other events as it sees fit.
  14. Play will begin each day at the times advertised. It is the competitor’s responsibility to check the draw, ascertain the time of play, report to the match office at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time and be ready when called upon. If a competitor is absent when called upon, or refuses to play, the competitor will be defaulted, and his/her entry fees forfeited.
  15. Should any dispute arise from any question not included in these conditions and not specifically left to the referee, the matter shall be referred to the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final.
  16. The Tennis Australia Code of Conduct will apply.