Spring League 2021


Tennis West has launched a new Spring Slam Doubles League for 2021. Please find below all the information players need to consider before nominating for a team.


    Mixed Doubles (4 players)
    Sunday afternoon 2.00pm

    Men's Doubles 8 Sets (4 players)
    Monday night 7.30pm
    Wednesday morning 9.30am
    Wednesday night 7.30pm
    Friday morning 9.30am

    Women's Doubles 8 Sets (4 players)
    Monday night 7.30pm
    Wednesday morning 9.30am
    Thursday night 7.30pm
    Friday morning 9.30am

    • Adults only league (16 years & over)
    • $160 per team (to be collected by team captain following confirmation of team nomination with Tennis West), minimum 4 players nominated, unlimited team members allowed
    • Season runs from Saturday 14 August to Friday 24 September
    • 6 weeks – home and away
    • 6 teams per division
    • System randomly allocated seeds will determine which teams play each other twice
    • Highest doubles rated player v highest doubles rated player in each set
    • Short sets- tie break at 4-4
    • No ad scoring, receiver’s choice, except in mixed doubles, man serves to man or woman serves to woman
    • Men’s and Women’s Rubber format: Rubbers 1&2 – 2 sets,  3&4 – 1 set, 5&6 – 1 set
    • Mixed Rubber format: Rubbers 1&2 – 2 sets, 3&4 – 2 sets
    • 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, plus 1 point for each set won
    • No finals – top of ladder wins


    • Nominations close on Wednesday 28 July 2021
    • Grading process -  29 July – 4 August 2021
    • Fixtures released –  Thursday 5 August 2021
    • Rounds begin of as Saturday 14 August 2021

    League fees are required to represent the Club. Only current members will be nominated to play in a team.
    The League Selection Committee will evaluate all applications. While we will try to meet specific requests, there may be reason that not all can be met. We ask that you respect the league committee’s decision.

    To sign up please complete the nomination form below.

    Scotty Walsh and Nick Ognenis (Club Captains) will be available at the club to discuss the different leagues.
    Any questions please email captain@alexanderpark.com.au or call Scotty on 0402341148

    Nomination Form

    First Name
    Last Name
    Email Address
    Tennis West League (Day/Time)e.g. Mixed Doubles Sunday 2.00pm (see TW Leagues availble listed above)
    Provisional list of team members (minumum of four players)